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Things to Do

North East Valley

Baldwin Street – “the steepest street in the world”
Experience a walk up the steepest street in world. Just 3 streets away from Bygone Era, it's a perfect early morning walk to get the blood pumping!
The street's steepness was unintentional. As with many other parts of Dunedin, streets were laid out in a grid pattern by planners in London with no consideration for the terrain.
At its maximum slope, the street has an approximate 19 degree or 35% gradient
That means for every 2.86 metres travelled horizontally, the altitude rises by 1 metre

Dunedin Botanic Garden
Established in 1863, Dunedin Botanic Garden is the oldest in New Zealand. A visit to the Botanic Garden offers an enjoyable experience for everyone at all times of the year. Wonderful plants for the enthusiastic gardener and a relaxed and peaceful environment for families.
On the slopes of the upper garden is the renowned Rhododendron Dell along with the Geographic Collection which displays plants of the world
The Native Plant Collection gives a broad overview of New Zealand's distinctive, mostly evergreen flora, 85% of which grows naturally only in New Zealand
The lower botanic garden has a Rose Collection, Camellia Collection, Herb Garden and Rock Garden amongst others
Don't forget to admire the banana trees in the winter garden glasshouse - there's even one that grows pink bananas!

Chingford Park
Under research - details to come

Bethunes Gully
Under research - details to come

Mount Cargill
Under research - details to come